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Professional artistes were introduced to hundreds of new students through Residencies


Over 10,000 audiences were introduced to magic of ancient arts


Over 100 professional and upcoming artistes were promoted through Sarvam collaborations


Young artistes were mentored to become arts organizers/



Nehha has single - handedly curated and conceptualized and empowered. Along the journey, many amazing people have lent their support. And many are continuing to do so. She looks forward to sharing synergies and ideas and offering any support that someone might require. For only when we let ourselves be guided by the love of what we do, does life keep us on the path of giving and giving some more. 

Between the years 2012 - 2017, Sarvam Foundation became a force for change in the space of Indian performing arts to truly revolutionize the way Classical Arts were presented, performed, engaged with and taught. Through immense hard work, minimum resources and hands, Nehha Bhatnagar brought some iconic changes in the arts space. Perpetuation, propagation and preservation of our intangible heritage has been a key feature of her work

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