Curated Memories

Collaborations that have not happened before, each event presented under Sarvam Foundation is a curated experience that will stay with you. Events have always been housefull or more- thanks to a unique way of projecting the arts. Some of our products:


For more on each event, place the mouse over the picture- most events have had multiple editions. Some have Facebook pages. On clicking the picture, each picture has one video synced to it it..

“Nehha and Sarvam are doing a fantastic job in promoting traditional India dance forms by co-creating events with modern sensibilities and getting new audience exposed to the great Indian art forms. The Sarvam events which I have attended have been superbly organized. My best wishes to them as they continue to grow and expose many more people to the joy of traditional art forms”.


Apurva Chamaria

Director & Head – Global Brand & Digital Marketing,

HCL Technologies Ltd.,